An Inspirational Entrepreneur and Transformational Coach

Her strong dedication and determination is a motivation for every emerging entrepreneur. The journey from a software field to an unknown, unrelated, uncharted territory of network marketing was the first courageous step into he success.

"To taste the sweetness of success you may have to taste the bitterness of failures, but remember winners never quit and quitters never win."

Areas of expertise

Believe in your talents and be confident in your decisions. With dedication and hard work, success will be at your grasp.


Transformational Coach

A talented transformational coach who supports individuals to go through significant changes in their life that helps them to grow, develop and evolve.



It needs some courage to take risks for loftier glory in life. Follow your instincts and with proper strategies, success will be at your reach.



Capturing the hearts of viewers and getting their attention requires true skills and presence of mind. A successful anchor in the southern industry.


wellness coach

Works directly with individuals who want to sweeten their well-being by using concepts drawn from psychology, behaviour change, and life coaching fields.

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On The Road To Success

Priyaa Sathishkumar is a Banglore based woman entrepreneur in India and is currently residing in Chennai, India. She was a dreamer who worked hard and dedicated her life to her passion. The three major pillars of her success are,


Never let your dreams fade, keep dreaming about your dreams. Your dream will be your future one day and it will bring great success to you.

Hard work

Whatever idea or dream you have hard work is the key to achieving it. Never back down on your failures, use failures as fuel to ignite your success.


Family is the beginning of all your success, it is where you feel safe and motivated.

Her husband Mr.M P Sathishkumar is an automobile expert who has been tuning racing cars and have won the national tuner’s championship. Nivedhithaa Sathish, her daughter is an actress in the south industry and her movies have come in Malayalam and Kannada also. Her son M S Vijay Aadhithiyaa is a sports enthusiast who is a double black belt in karate and budding car racer pursuing his education in automobiles.

Glimpses Of Success

Keeping focused on your goals and dedication to them will bring you glory. As a strong woman entrepreneur in India, Priyaa had achieved many milestones in her career voyage.

Anchored 100+ Episodes

She captured the hearts of viewers of the Puthu Yugam TV channel by anchoring over 100+ episodes. A successful anchor among millions of viewers.

Life-changing Transformations

Successfully conducted numerous transformational coaching events to change the lives of many people.

Wellness Transformation Coaching

Wellness transformation coaching events are conducted as a part of wellness revolution campaigns.

GBD Rank in Modicare

Global Black Diamond achiever of Modicare. With her dedication and passion, she achieved many successes in her career.